Sharing the Beauty of Life



Loving Friendship

Giving’s a lot better than taking

To help you on your way.

When you reach your cherished goal

We will celebrate that day.


Whenever I am with you

Love lights a special flame,

Chasing shadows with its light,

Making optimism reign.


I don’t feel inhibition;

The words they flow and grow.

Creative insights sparkle,

That echo what I know:


Giving’s a lot better……


Within the sweetest love

Lies sprouting seeds of pain:

I long to open doors

That lead within your name.


But I don’t possess the keys,

They’re in God’s steady hand

And the doors are out of reach

To that holiest of lands.


Giving’s a lot better…….


In my ear He whispers

The limits of worldly love.

“Come seek the jewel within

And the mysteries above.”


So I reach beyond the stars

And penetrate the Soul.

I sense your spirit in the air

As the pieces become whole.


Giving’s a lot better …

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