Sharing the Beauty of Life


One morning I went to Marina Park just outside Malindi town in Kenya for my early morning meditation. The natural elements were displaying their largesse, nourishing and inspiring the human soul. A sandy beach supported me like a sofa, providing a firm base for my body and mind. The blue expanse of the Indian Ocean calmed my brain and evoked the mysteries of the spiritual journey. The waking sun transferred some of the Grand Creator’s powers to the engines of my cells; an energetic gift without expectation. Around it, the vast sky prized open my mind, filling its space with a rich display of sky-art: menacing storm clouds building in the north, a coterie of colors accompanying the rising sun in the east, and a liberated blue instilling hope in the south. Finally, the ethereal space that holds all creation mirrored itself into my hidden inter-cellular world, filling me with a lightness of being thrilling to behold.

What a way to begin a day!

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